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students cancelling their Admission/Transfers

TE – TS – Academic – students cancelling their Admission/Transfers – Return of original Certificates/forwarding applications for transfers – certain instructions- Reg

 students cancelling their Admission/Transfers

The attention of the Principals of Private Unaided Polytechnics/Second Shift Polytechnics in Engineering Colleges is invited to the subject and references. In terms of the G.O.4th cited, in this office Cir.Memo. 3’d cited, certain instructions have been issued for forwarding applications from the students seeking transfer from one Polytechnics to another at 2nd year (3’o semester level) for the A.Y. 2017-18.

In this connection, representations have been received from diploma students that their applications for transfer to the other Private Polytechnics/ Second Shift Polytechnics in Engineering Colleges in terms of this Office Memo 3’d cited are not being forwarded to this Office, demanding certain fees etc. In the circumstances, it is to inform that the Principals of Private Unaided Polytechnics/Second Shift Polytechnics in Engineering Colleges, in the letter 1″ cited, the Commissioner of Technical Education has already drawn their attention to the following provisions cited under Ref,2 above, which are reiterated hereunder:-

i) In the event of a student withdrawing before the starting of the Course, the entire fee collected from the student, after a deduction of the processing fee of not more than Rs.IOOO/- (Rupees One thousand only) shall be refunded by the Institution. lt would not be permissible for Institutions to retain the School/ Institution Leaving Certificates in oriSinal.

ii) Should a student leave after joining the Course and if the vacated seat is consequently filled by another student by the last date of admission, the Instltution must refund the fee collected after a deduction of the processing fee of not more than Rs. 1000/ – (Rupees One thousand only) and proportionate deductions of monthly fee and proportionate hostel rent, where applicable. In case the vacated seat is not filled, the Institution should refund the security deposit and return the original documents.

iii) Institution shoutd not demand fee for the subsequent years from the students cancelling their admission at any point of time. Fee refund along with the return of Certificates should be completed within 7 days.

iv) Institutions not following guidelines issued by the Council regarding refund of fee on cancellation of admission or delaying refunds shall be liable to any one or more of the following punitive actions by the AICTE:

  • Fine for non-compliance of refund of fee levied against each case shall be twice the total fee collected per student .
  • Suspension of approval for supernumerary seats, if any for one Academic Year
  • Reduction in “Approved Intake”
  • No admission in one/ more Courses for one Academic Year
  • Withdrawal of approval for Programme/ Course

Therefore, the principals of Private Unaided Polytechnics/Second Shift Polytechnics in Engineering Colleges are instructed to adhere to the above instructions and in case students of anV pvt Polytechnic/2nd Shift Polytechnic in Engg Colleges approach this office, complaining that the Institutions are resorting irregular practices/demanding fees for returning Original Cerliflcates/issue of NOC for transfer to other Institutions etc. such cases will be viewed seriously and referred to the Commissioner of Technical Education and State Board of Technical Education and Training, T.S., Hyderabad for taking punitive action against the Institutions concerned as per the AICTE regulations and as per the rules and regulations of the SBTET

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